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Courses available to be attuned to Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki Master.

Location: Richmond Upon Thames

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As well as channeling reiki energy for wellbeing, I use smudge herbs of white sage & frankincense to cleanse your auric field, flower essences to balance your energy, crystals to support your chakras centres & the sound of 15 tuning forks to support your body & help bring your energy back into alignment & harmonic resonance. A beautiful nurturing experience. > More Info


Energetic Healing for Homes & Offices

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Theta Healing® available by skype & in person with Jo in Richmond, UK




Cosmic walk around the Kingston Zodiac held monthly.

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Reiki Training Course London

I welcome you to join me on a Reiki certification day. These days are a lot of fun as well as being informative and give you access to the healing energy of Reiki.

You will receive Reiki attunments on the course as well as insights on energy and how to manage your own energy for happiness and relaxation.

The Reiki courses are held in my home in beautiful Richmond upon Thames, SW London. (20 minutes from Waterloo, central London)

On each course you will receive a manual and certificate.

Upon payment please confirm dates you wish to attend.

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2017 DATES:

If there is 2 or more of you and you wish to book an alternative date, please ring/text me and i will see if i can accommodate the date. Otherwise please select next available date below and once paid email me/text/ring to confirm which date you wish to attend:


REIKI 1 (1 day): 


During Reiki 1 you will be given 3 Reiki Symbol Attunments during the day. You will also be shown how to use Reiki energies for self healing which is an important aspect of the process. Then how to use Reiki 1 energies with friends and family plus clients, you will be given the healing hand positions and will use the reiki therapy table to both give and receive reiki with other students on the course. I find this gives students the confidence to heal as they can feel the reiki energy coming through their hands.

Reiki 1 is a 1 day course, please choose from the dates below which day you wish to attend:

Sunday 22nd October

Sunday 12th November

Saturday 2nd December (this course will be at different time of 1pm-7pm)

REIKI 2 (1 day): 


During Reiki 2 you will be give Reiki 2 Symbol Attunments during the day and during reiki 2 you will be shown the reiki symbols, how to draw them and how to use them with clients as well as everyday living. Reiki symbols are useful to energise food, water as well as on any health challenge.

Reiki 2 is a 1 day course, please choose from the dates below which day you wish to attend:

Sunday 19th November

Sunday 10th December

REIKI MASTER (2 days): 

Reiki Masters class is a 2 day course in which you receive further attunments, additional reiki symbols, and learn how to attune others.

Saturday 25th- Sunday 26th November


Times: 11-5pm

Location: Richmond Upon Thames, (address will be sent with confirmation email)

Transport: 20 mins overground from Waterloo, Richmond station on the underground.  Directions supplied upon booking

Prior to the  course: I recommend you eat clean for 48 hours prior to your attunement. This means no caffeine, sugar, alcohol or dairy. This is what i recommend but not obligatory.

If you are already attuned to Reiki I please send in your Reiki I certificate prior to attending Reiki II.


“For several years I have been interested in understanding Energy and energy healing. I was mainly reading about it and having reiki performed on me. I could certainly see the benefits both emotionally and physically. However, I never felt as I was ready to become Reiki attuned for some reasons. This changed over the last few months, having met Jo.

Jo shared with me some of her incredible knowledge of the Universe and energy healing. Jo has a unique and humble way to do this. As I learned and observed, I started to see important changes in myself – emotionally, sensing and feeling energies I had been unaware of before. 3 months ago I felt ready to be Reiki 1 attuned. Jo was the natural Reiki Master I felt confident to have my attunement done with. Thorough the day Jo explained all that would happen and ensured I was comfortable and understanding of the process.
Since being Reiki attuned I have performed it on myself every day and onto loved ones. It has greatly helped me and has brought comfort to those around me. I will pursue on this journey, with Jo by my side, to do Reiki 2 and hopefully Master Reiki. The door that Jo has opened into reaching to the Universe and its incredible energy is one I will not close.
Reiki is a wonderful energy medicine and I was proven that again only days ago as I suffered from an important eye problem. When I arrived in A&E and saw the doctor they could not believe I was not in pain. I shared with them that I had been performing reiki on myself and all the pain was gone. Jo saw me the day after and performed Reiki on me. Within 3 hours most of the swelling was gone, and I am now fully recovered.
This is a beautiful journey that Jo has helped me to take and I will for ever be thankful to have been sent such a humble Master to support my journey.” Agnes Revel


How many people on each course? Maximum 4

What is Reiki? Reiki is universal energy that is channeled through the reiki master from divine source. It is a very pure source of healing and is activated through reiki symbol attunements.

Why become reiki attuned? Empowers you with reiki energy, improves your energetic frequency, self healing and also can be used for healing clients, including distance healing.

Im already a healer, will it help? Yes, it is recommended as usually the symbols increase the healing power of the practitioner.

Will i be able to give reiki healing sessions afterwards to clients? Yes, as soon as you have received Reiki 1 you will be able to give healing as a reiki 1 practitioner. Usually i recommend that you start with friends and family so you get use to how reiki energies channel through you. During the course you will find after the attunment you will find your hands start to become hot as soon as you place your intention to use Reiki to heal. However, it is recommended you also do Reiki 2 as you will then be able to use the symbols and Reiki Master as this will give you additional  symbols and distant healing abilities.

What are the reiki symbols? The reiki symbols are put into your energy field on each course, this will create a greater access to universal energies for healing and general wellbeing. Reiki 1 you will receive 3 symbols during attunment, during reiki 2 you will be given the symbols to use on the day of the training . As with tradition they are to be shared through the reiki master during attunments.

I don’t want to do reiki on clients, will it still be of benefit to me? Yes, being reiki attuned will help support your energy and it will enable you to give self healings.

Can i be attuned online? I have seen this offered, however i prefer to attune each person as this transfers the lineage and attending an attunment course is more fun as you learn how to use the reiki healing. You will receive and give reiki healing during each course as part of the training and its also a wonderful way to learn the method of reiki. Plus i find with students it really does give you the confidence that you can channel the reiki healing as the other reiki students will give you the feedback. Normally the feedback includes, that hands feel really hot, and they can feel energy moving in their body as the positive reiki energies enter the body.

How Do I Do Reiki Healings? You will learn on the course how to give a reiki healing to your self (reiki 1) and to others. On each course we use the healing reiki table so i can show you the process i use with reiki clients and so it is easy for you to replicate. I have personally been practising reiki healing with clients for over 10 years now, and will show you the process i use, including the music i recommend and other healing techniques i incorporate for the best reiki treatment.

Can Animals be attuned to reiki? Yes, animals are very responsive to reiki and can be attuned. My dog Tiffany is reiki I. If you are interested in me attuning your pet or giving your pet reiki please contact me.

Who is my trainer? I, Jo Ward will be doing the attunements for you. I have been attuned into reiki myself since 1998 and giving reiki healing sessions for over 10 years. I use reiki everyday, and have found it to be a natural healing modality that can easily be incorporate into daily living.

What Reiki Lineage will i be receiving? I am happy to email you the reiki lineage upon request prior to the course, otherwise you will be given it during the course.

Cancellation Policy? If you can not make the course you have booked on, then you can transfer to the next date available. Please give me 48 hours notice prior to your course.




07738 643 824



Special Offers:

1 Hour 1st Visit £80

2 Hours 1st Visit £160

4 Hours pre-pay £360

6 Hours pre-pay £540

8 Hours pre-pay  £720

10 x 2hr pre-pay £1600

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=> RING/TEXT: 07738 643 824

Concessions Available for Low Income/Unemployed/Students

Face to face in Richmond Upon Thames or Skype


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