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Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Reiki Masters

Courses in Richmond.

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As well as channeling reiki energy for wellbeing, I use smudge herbs of white sage & frankincense to cleanse your auric field, flower essences to balance your energy, crystals to support your chakras centres & the sound of 15 tuning forks to support your body & help bring your energy back into alignment & harmonic resonance. A beautiful nurturing experience. > More Info


Energetic Healing for Homes & Offices

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Theta Healing® available by skype & in person with Jo in Richmond, UK




Cosmic walk around the Kingston Zodiac held monthly.

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Enjoy a Magical Life!

Increase Business Performance

Jo Ward is dedicated to improving the skills and performance of your business & key people. Jo uses powerful transformational techniques, Wealth Dynamics & here vast experience of marketign businesses with her practical approach to create desirable results.

Each individual has unique talents and skills, through executive leadership coaching, managers can learn to identify and develop these talents to maximise performance, improve communications and motivate their staff.

Self-aware leaders and businesses communicate their core values, goal and vision, creating a sense of collective motivation and desire to deliver outstanding results.

• Increase Sales
• Unlock staff potential & Improve staff retention
• Identify the key drivers to motivating individuals within your team
• Understand the individual needs of your team
• Achieve conflict resolution from shop floor to boardroom
• Goal success
• Confident Presentations

Jo is highly knowledgeable in first class communications and has a practical approach to coaching and mentoring which inspires and develops individuals for success.


Each session is tailored to your specific needs and time is taken to understand your business strategy, core values and your training requirements.

“Nearly 13 million working days were lost to stress-related ill health in 2004-05, at a cost estimated by the Health and Safety Executive to be £9.6bn every year.”

“In 2007 the average direct cost of absence was £517 per employee – or 3.1% of payroll – which includes lost production and the expense of covering absence with temporary staff or overtime.” Source: Personnel Today

Jo is available to see people individually for one-to-one executive coaching and mentoring or business training and workshops for business team development.

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07738 643 824



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