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As well as channeling reiki energy for wellbeing, I use smudge herbs of white sage & frankincense to cleanse your auric field, flower essences to balance your energy, crystals to support your chakras centres & the sound of 15 tuning forks to support your body & help bring your energy back into alignment & harmonic resonance. A beautiful nurturing experience. > More Info


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Cosmic walk around the Kingston Zodiac held monthly.

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Reiki Healing Richmond

Reiki_Healer_RichmondReiki is a wonderful natural healing energy that all can benefit from and i often find can help you gain:

* Relief of Stress & Anxiety

* Promotes Deep Relaxation

* Strengthens the Immune System

* Ease Muscle Tension

* Peace of Mind and Body

* Pain Relief

* Chakras healing, Cleanse & Balance

Most clients feel very relaxed during a reiki session and some say it is more relaxing than a massage. The reiki energies go deep within the body at a cellular level to help release old emotions that are no longer serving them.

Clients regularly say that they fell asleep during the session, as it was so relaxing and afterwards say they feel clean and lighter as though they have let go of a lot of old energies.

Jo acts as a conduit to flow through higher levels of universal energy, of love and light that help support the reiki session.

Book Reiki Session with Jo in Richmond, Surrey: 07738 643 824


Cleansing the aura with shamanic herbs before the reiki healing.

Sacred reiki symbols are used during your session to enable the natural flow of source energy to harmonise the emotions and release stress so you feel more relaxed and peaceful. The symbols are also used in your chakras to help cleanse and rebalance your chakras system. If you are specific areas of old injury or pain, please let Jo know so she can incorporate the reiki in these areas of the body.

As well as channelling reiki energy for wellbeing, your energy field will be smudged with various healing herbs including frankincense and north american white sage. This will cleanse and help remove stagnant energy from your auric field.

During the reiki session crystals and various herbal and crystal essences are also used to shift lower frequencies and raise your vibration to support bring the body into its natural balance.

The energy field is a vibrational field, as such it responds to colour and sound. To bring your energy into alignment and harmonic resonance, various colours and sound healing instruments are used. Jo has 40 different tuning forks which will be selected according to your personal vibrational needs, as well as 7 singing bowls. This helps create a beautiful nurturing experience.

If you wish a more shamanic style healing experience please let Jo know upon booking as shamanic drums and rattles are also very powerful energy healing methods which when used in conjunction with smudge herbs create a powerful experience.

During the session Jo may also use additional knowledge if required to help cut cords and release any psychic hooks that you may have in your energy field, as well as returning any soul fragments.

Richmond Reiki Master Jo Ward, combines Reiki with angelic and Hawaiian Huna energies, chakras tuning forks & crystals plus shamanic energy healing herbs and oils to give you a relaxing, and peaceful therapy session.

Jo is also a master practitioner and trainer of NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy as well as Theta Healer and western shaman.

As well as an all over body energetic alignment, Jo will also clear your energies within your aura and chakras that may cause general stress and tiredness.

Shamanic Reiki Healing

Please ensure you drink plenty of water after youre reiki session.

To book youre energetic alignment & reiki session in Richmond Surrey:

Ring/Text Jo 07738 643 824

Jo was first introduced to Reiki and Trained in Reiki 1 and 2 whilst working in a stressful corporate job. She found it very beneficial to help her relax after work and feel more alive during work. Since, she went on to become a Reiki Master and has been using Reiki and other healing modalities with individuals since 2006. Jo has international celebrity clients, however all sessions are private and with utmost discretion.

Benefits of Reiki can Include:

  • De-stress
  • Feel Relaxed
  • Balance energy flow
  • Feel more energised
  • Helps to calm the mind
  • Relieve tension

To Book Your Appointment,

Ring/Text Jo: 07738 643 824

Please note all appointments are held in central Richmond, Surrey, address sent upon booking.

During the session, you are fully clothed, however it is advisable to wear clothes that you feel comfortable in and remove jewellery if possible, but not essential.

If you are pregnant please can you let Jo know prior to booking.

Clients regularly comment how hot Jo’s hands are whilst channeling the healing energy.

Happy Clients: 

Richmond Reiki

“Have been the happy recipient of many Reiki healing sessions in the past and Jo has been by far the very best and noteworthy. You’re aware from the off, that you are being attended and being cared for in reliable safe and experienced hands using individually prepared and well proven methods during the preparation stages, leading to a solid foundation allowing blockages to be cleared and energies to flow harmoniously. The aim, is to create the optimum positive conditions and connections, while receiving reiki healing in quiet and peaceful surroundings.
These experiences have led to a fresh outlook under Jo’s firm and spirited instructions for reaching Reiki level 2 grade recently, which was excellently and expertly demonstrated with comprehensive guidance notes. I would thoroughly endorse and recommend Jo as a talented and experienced healer and teacher who has much sound advice and encouragement to offer.” Anthony Charlton 

“Just wanted to say thank you, Jo, for the Reiki session yesterday. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I thought i would be zonked but i walked out so light and vibrationally i felt like i was floating down the high street back home (funny as you mentioned me wearing flight socks setting my intention for flying haha). Seriously i wish i had before and after photos for yourwebsite. I felt quite blocked, especially around the throat, which i had an obvious release in the session, i had so much energy afterwards and this buzz around me, my eyes were bright and white again! You lifted stuff off me for sure. I really felt connected and light afterwards and have been attracting some interesting syncronicities since, i feel very strongly your reiki got a lot of things moving and cleared and my health and vibration shot up immediately. Thank you. I’ll be back and i’m recommending you to everyone. hope to see you frequently as a matter of spiritual / energetic maintenance lots of love to you, you beautiful spirit xxx” Kate Mc Gurk 

“I came to see you in February for Reiki. Me and my partner had been trying for a baby for several years without success and I also suffered from pelvic pain especially mid cycle. After about a month
from seeing you I no longer had pain and my mood was much improved pre menstrually. In fact my period would start almost without warning.. I felt much at ease and so much more in tune. And then the unexpected and miraculous thing happened and I am now 20 weeks pregnant and we
are expecting a little girl! I am so grateful and feel that this is a true blessing. Thank you for helping us.” Anna

“When i left yours i felt a change but wasn’t sure what was happening, but last night i felt an old bad energy shift from my heart space and this morning i feel my heart chakra has completely opened up like never before, the energy in there now is so big and projecting outwards. I also appreciate the distant healing you sent to my girlfriend and her son, she also really enjoyed it and her son even has turned a corner… amazing! Thank you as always I’m so grateful for the work you do!” Justin

“Thank you for a really lovely session today.  I walked out feeling really energised and stronger somehow and will definitely come to see you again.” Fiona

“I had a sports injury in my groin, i had been to an osteopath and chiropractor which hadn’t worked, so gave reiki healing session ago. After a 1 hour session with Jo the injury disappeared and i know longer have any pain. I don’t understand how it works but it worked.” Stephen

“One of my toes had been standing upright which was really painful and meant i couldn’t wear most shoes. I had been told i would need an operation after 9 months of trying different methods to resolve it. Jo told me it was emotional trauma stuck in the toe from a fall i had, she used her hands on my feet during the session and once i got up from the healing bed and put my feet back on the ground, my toe was completely flat again. Incredible!” VK

“I have been to a few healers over the years but this was the most powerful healing session I’ve experienced and never felt so relaxed afterwards.” Owen

“For several years I have been interested in understanding Energy and energy healing. I was mainly reading about it and having reiki performed on me. I could certainly see the benefits both emotionally and physically. However, I never felt as I was ready to become Reiki attuned for some reasons. This changed over the last few months, having met Jo. Jo shared with me some of her incredible knowledge of the Universe and energy healing. Jo has a unique and humble way to do this. As I learned and observed, I started to see important changes in myself – emotionally, sensing and feeling energies I had been unaware of before. 3 months ago I felt ready to be Reiki 1 attuned. Jo was the natural Reiki Master I felt confident to have my attunement done with. Thorough the day Jo explained all that would happen and ensured I was comfortable and understanding of the process.
Since being Reiki attuned I have performed it on myself every day and onto loved ones. It has greatly helped me and has brought comfort to those around me. I will pursue on this journey, with Jo by my side, to do Reiki 2 and hopefully Master Reiki. The door that Jo has opened into reaching to the Universe and its incredible energy is one I will not close.
Reiki is a wonderful energy medicine and I was proven that again only days ago as I suffered from an important eye problem. When I arrived in A&E and saw the doctor they could not believe I was not in pain. I shared with them that I had been performing reiki on myself and all the pain was gone. Jo saw me the day after and performed Reiki on me. Within 3 hours most of the swelling was gone, and I am now fully recovered.This is a beautiful journey that Jo has helped me to take and I will for ever be thankful to have been sent such a humble Master to support my journey.”
Agnes Revel

Jo is a true inspiration!

I was lucky enough to have attended a one day Reiki Level 2 course with her as my teacher, it was a complete JOY!
I have met many magical practitioners over the years and can clearly say that Jo is the real McCoy, a true Shaman/Healer.
Her knowledge and dedication to spirituality was so clear and this made my training a blessing.
It was obvious from the start that I had found a true healer who walks the sacred path every day of her life, lucky old me!
If you are searching for a genuine, dedicated teacher/healer, then I recommend Jo with all my heart.
Many thanks for the training, It was brilliant, I’ll always remember it!” Brian August 2018 Reiki 2

“I spent a very special day with Jo completing my Reiki 2 training. Jo is warm and fun. My initiation was very powerful and all this week I have felt calm and grounded. I am looking forward to using the symbols on my clients. Thank you Jo for a memorable day x”  Mandy, January 2018 Reiki 2

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