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Courses in Richmond.

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As well as channeling reiki energy for wellbeing, I use smudge herbs of white sage & frankincense to cleanse your auric field, flower essences to balance your energy, crystals to support your chakras centres & the sound of 15 tuning forks to support your body & help bring your energy back into alignment & harmonic resonance. A beautiful nurturing experience. > More Info


Energetic Healing for Homes & Offices

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Theta Healing® available by skype & in person with Jo in Richmond, UK




Cosmic walk around the Kingston Zodiac held monthly.

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Shamanic Workshop LondonShamanic Events in Richmond, South West London

The Shamanic events are held in my home in Richmond, south west London. Maximum 4 people.

During the day we will be following the shamanic path. This will include connecting to ancestors, drumming, journeying, power animals and herbs. 

Each event is unique and we will be connecting with the cosmic energies of the day, often linking with the numerology and astrology.

It will be a small group for those interested in discovering the shamanic way. Shamanism is a beautiful way of life. It is very much being in the now, going with the flow and following the signs. Nature talks, the animals, the trees, and the 5 elements of air, earth, fire, water and spirit connects and teaches. During this workshop i will be sharing with you the shamanic path, the way it has been taught to me through my many lives and how to use it in your everyday life.


Please email for next available date.



Please Book Online:

Come experience and enjoy the healing energies of the drums, singing bowls, herbs, and meet like minded friends.

Each event is always different, however we do always use drums and healing herbs with a wonderful fire.

We will be using the drum to raise the energy and journeying.

If you have a drum please bring it along, if you don’t there will be some drums available for you to use on the day.

Tea/coffee are provided, please bring lunch.

Location: Owls Wood, Richmond, SW London
Exact address emailed upon booking confirmation.

Public Transport:
Nearest train station is Richmond on the overground from central London, Waterloo/Clapham Junction/Vauxhall

London Underground on the District Line to Richmond. Its then about 12 minutes walk to my house (Owls Wood). 

Previous Shamanic Events:

Shamanic Reiki Healing“I wasn’t feeling well when i arrived and now i feel really good, this stuff works!”

“What a magical day!”

“It was beautiful and uplifting to be together in such a beautiful space.”

“Thanks for today Jo, was very enjoyable especially your singing bowls that i found very high vibration.”

“What a beautiful day. Who’d have thought I would be giving and receiving healing, eating strawberry’s, organic cacao chocolate, home made organic spelt flower and cacao chocolate cake, receiving gifts including horse hair, rose quartz and a beautiful yellow rose! I love these Sunday’s where I spend time doing what I love. Thank you Jo Ward for a lovely day. x — feeling peaceful.”

T&C’s: No refunds are given, you could gift it to a friend! You can change to the next available date provided 7 days notice is given prior to the workshop.

Disclaimer: Please note you are responsible for your own well being at the event and Jo Ward is not anyway liable for you.

7 Responses to “Shamanism Workshop”

  • Jacquelyn:

    Hi, when is the next drumming shamanic healing workshop? I’d love to come x x

    • Jo:

      Hi Jacquely, Next event will be in the summer. Please sign up to newsletter to be informed when the next date is release. thanks! Jo xx

  • bhavit:

    hi . are you planning to have Shamanic events this year in London ? I would be interested to join in .

    Wishing you joy , love and enlightenment . Bhavit

    • Jo:

      Hi Bhavit, Will be doing some shamanic events in the summer, will let you know when the dates are confirmed. thanks Jo

  • Hi

    I am interested in attending your next shamanic workshop at Ralph’s… could you advise when, how much etc…

    Many thanks

  • John Sacco:

    Hi Jo,

    Are you having any workshops (particularly drumming) during the last 2 weeks of July?


  • Caroline:

    Hello Jo, I’m passing through london next week for a few days. Do you have any events on either Friday 22nd or Monday 25th June?

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