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Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Reiki Masters

Courses in Richmond.

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As well as channeling reiki energy for wellbeing, I use smudge herbs of white sage & frankincense to cleanse your auric field, flower essences to balance your energy, crystals to support your chakras centres & the sound of 15 tuning forks to support your body & help bring your energy back into alignment & harmonic resonance. A beautiful nurturing experience. > More Info


Energetic Healing for Homes & Offices

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Theta Healing® available by skype & in person with Jo in Richmond, UK




Cosmic walk around the Kingston Zodiac held monthly.

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Theta_HealingTheta Healing® is a process based in the 5th dimension that enables rapid shift in clearing old patterns and emotions across timelines which often include past lives and ancestral programming, whilst downloading new positive energies and beliefs. This is a very quick process of changing manifestations to be more in line with your soul journey.

Theta Healing Online Appointments:

Skype or facetime sessions available.

If you prefer a face to face appointment I’m based in Richmond South West London.

Appointments include evenings and weekends and are usually an hour.

Ring or Text: 07738 643 824

Theta healing includes:

Theta Healing is a wonderful method to shift your reality and energetic projections and manifest positively through your vibrational resonance.

The energetic changes are completed in theta brain wave state.

  • Belief change
  • Ancestral pattern healing
  • Past life cleansing
  • Releasing unwanted energies
  • Clearing spirit attachments and wayward spirits
  • Manifesting a new desired outcome

Theta healing sessions can be done in conjunction with other healing modalities. You can either specify a theta healing session or enable Jo to work intuitively with different energy healing systems that your energy field requires at the time.

Theta healing sessions are recommended to be 1 hour and can be done face to face in Richmond, SW London, UK or by Skype. Jo is a certified Theta Healing Practitioner.

Please ring Jo for your Theta Healing session: 07738 643 824Theta Healing UK



07738 643 824



£120/hour Reiki includes shamanic herbal cleanse

£150/hr Theta Healing/NLP

£250 Time Line Therapy

£250 Phobia

£250 Hypnosis

£497 Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Personalised Breakthrough Program:

£1500 6 Hours

£2500 10 Hours


Online via Zoom

Reiki is Face to face in Richmond Upon Thames


Please note as soon as payment is made you agree to the following: Client Agreement


American Board Of NLP

NLP Richmond London

American Board Of Hypnosis

Hypnosis Richmond London

Time Line Therapy Association

time line therapy Richmond london

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