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Courses in Richmond.

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As well as channeling reiki energy for wellbeing, I use smudge herbs of white sage & frankincense to cleanse your auric field, flower essences to balance your energy, crystals to support your chakras centres & the sound of 15 tuning forks to support your body & help bring your energy back into alignment & harmonic resonance. A beautiful nurturing experience. > More Info


Energetic Healing for Homes & Offices

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Theta Healing® available by skype & in person with Jo in Richmond, UK




Cosmic walk around the Kingston Zodiac held monthly.

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“Wealth Dynamics Profile Test”

Imagine discovering the easiest route for you to create wealth.
8 types of entrepreneurs - wealth dynamics profile test
“Before I did my wealth dynamics profile, I had spent many years wondering where I fit into the world of work.
I always felt that for some reason that my skills weren’t as useful as some of those of my colleagues. When I got back my report, I came out as a creator – and when I read the details in my personlised profile, so much of it struck a chord with me, it was really accurate, showing me my strengths and helping me manage the weaknesses.

There’s 2 brilliant things about wealth dynamics for me. 

The first one is that there are all sorts of people who contribute to the business world, you don’t have to act like an accountant all the time to create a positive impression on people and make a difference to how businesses run. That’s given me a lot of confidence – just that big boost in confidence was worth getting the report done!

The second thing is, now I know more about where I fit in and what my strengths are, I know in my heart and my head that I will be much more successful.

If you’re interested in finding out more about yourself and how to get the most out of life, I’d definitely say get your Wealth Dynamics profile done.

Thanks Jo for letting me know about this great resource! No lie – it’s been life-changing!”

 Colette Mason, Website Success Systems

Wealth dynamics will let you into the secret of YOUR personal fast track route to wealth:

Online test, 30 page profile report & an audio download relating to your profile.


8 types of entrepreneur - wealth dynamics


When you have completed your profile, you will discover the most natural path for you to find your flow – the path that will lead to the greatest attraction.

Wealth does not come from the resources you are holding onto, but from your power to attract whatever resources you need whenever you need them.

Richard Branson, Natural Born Creator Profile in HIS Flow

He loves to delegate & is a big picture thinker

Understanding the eight wealth profiles, the game each plays and the rules of each game, allows you to identify your different mentors, role models and partners.

It allows you to build effective teams and to lead, learn, connect and communicate in the way that suits you your relationships.

You will understand where to invest your time, how to create value and leverage that value, what type of opportunities are right for you, and which ones are wrong for you. You will understand when to say yes and, more importantly, when to say no. The online test will automatically provide you with your Wealth profile, together with your percentage of each frequency, your primary profile, your secondary profiles, and a graph of your frequencies. When you take the online test, you will receive, together with your results, a twenty-page guide to understanding your profile.

The more clear you are of the distinctions between the profiles, the more natural it is to spot them. This comes from playing the game. A footballer who has played the game enough times can instantly spot the goalkeeper in the opposing team by his movements and posture – not just because he’s wearing the big gloves.

Discover your path to wealth and take your Wealth Dynamics Profile Test today.

Online test, 30 page profile report & an audio download relating to your profile.


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Discover Your Natural Path To Wealth



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